Pet Policies
20 Jul 2017

Pet Policies

Depoe Bay Inn’s Bed and Breakfast offers pet friendly lodging and is a great alternative to pet boarding. We welcome you and your pets to our Inn. Please note Depoe Bay Inn’s following pet policies: Guests must read and adhere to all pet policies upon arrival. Our pet policies are posted at the front desk and in all guest rooms. 

  • Before your arrival Depoe Bay Inn must be notified of any pets you are bringing. Pets must be pre-approved by management/staff.
  • Our pet fee is $10 per pet/per the duration of your stay.
  • All pets must be current on vaccinations and must be flea free.
  • Depoe Bay Inn reserves the right to decline your pet, or limit pets to certain sizes & breeds.
  • Unsociable pets (barking, chewing, showing aggression) will be declined and asked to leave.
  • You are held responsible for your pets health, safety and obedience at all times.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times while out on our property.
  • Pets may not be left unattended anywhere on the property, including but not limited to, rooms, vehicles or outside on the property.
  • Pets are not permitted in The HarborView Cafe/Dining Room or Bar. Our pet friendly rooms are: 102-106 – pets are welcome to play in our designated outdoor areas.
  • Owners must clean up pet waste. Pet waste bags are available at the front desk and in your room. Pet waste must be disposed of in the garbage dumpster out front.
  • Please respect and maintain the quiet atmosphere of our Inn. A $50/hour pet noise fee will be charged if your pet disturbs other guests or pets.
  • If you allow your pet on our furniture you must cover the furniture or bedding with the pet sheet provided in your room.
  • Pet towels are available for your use upon request. Do not use bath towels to clean up after your pet or to wipe muddy & dirty paws. A $10-$300 fee will be charged for any stained or damaged linens.

Please feel free to discuss any specific questions you may have. Depoe Bay Inn reserves the right to refuse lodging to any pet who does not meet our requirements.

Thank you for helping us keep Depoe Bay Inn a pet friendly Bed & Breakfast!